Making an Impact

Binesh has made an impact through various roles; as a Mentor, as a Teacher, as a Writer, as a Consultant, as an Ambassador and so on. Empowering the people around him is his motto. Being able to make a positive difference in someone’s life is his greatest source of happiness.

Ambassador for Education Ireland 

As a Government of Ireland Scholar, Binesh had been an ambassador; actively promoting Education Ireland and
Dublin City University in various forums.

Ambassador for Dublin City University

Binesh and Trevor Holmes, Dublin City University’s (DCU) Vice-President for External and Strategic Affairs with delegates of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) during their Ireland visit. The Indian delegation also had representation from various media houses. The event was mainly focused to aid Indian Universities and Educational Consultants to gain first-hand information on living and studying in Ireland.

CSI Student Chapter – Promoting Industry Engagement

Binesh played a key role in establishing the Computer Society of India (CSI) Student Chapter at VSIT, Mumbai. He lead and mentored a team of 120+ Students in promoting industry engagement in the institute. The Student Chapter during his tenure organised the Institute’s First National Research Conference, VISMIT. Another notable event which was hosted by the chapter was TechHunt 2013; which was aimed at identifying budding entrepreneurs in the area of Mobile Apps.

Mentoring Budding TECH Entrepreneurs

Nurture Talent Academy and Computer Society of India (CSI) organized India’s First Talent Hunt for Mobipreneurship – entrepreneurship focused on creating and promoting Mobile Apps; in 2013. Binesh lead a team of VSIT students which competed successfully with various national level teams all the way till the Grand Finale. The Grand Finale was hosted at IIT, Bombay wherein Binesh was among the “Top 7 Mentors Nationally” who were awarded as ‘Best Mentor’ of the year. In the photo, Binesh is receiving the award from Dr. Abhraham Koshi, Head of CSI.

Empowering HIV Ireland to make a Bigger Impact

Impact Day is Deloitte’s flagship annual CSR event. In 2018, Binesh volunteered for helping HIV Ireland, an Irish NGO, in developing strategies for marketing and obtaining corporate & private funding.

Empowering Heart Children Ireland to make a Bigger Impact

Impact Day is Deloitte’s flagship annual CSR event. In 2017, Binesh volunteered for helping Heart Children Ireland, an Irish NGO, in developing marketing strategies, designing promotional materials and identifying alternative funding sources.

Vision for the Visually Impaired

Supporting the differently abled comes natural to Binesh. While pursuing his Masters’ at SIES, Mumbai; he was a writer for the visually impaired students.

Trusted Mentor

Mentoring for Binesh is all about empowerment. Even as a student, he was a mentor for his folks on campus. As an academician, Binesh has actively mentored countless number of students and is continuing to do so. The fact that many of his students still reach out to him when in cross-roads; exemplifies his role as a trusted mentor.
Binesh weaves mentoring into every role; be it as a Senior Consultant hand-holding analysts or as an alumnus guiding freshers in shaping their career.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Binesh is an advocate for democratizing technology. Binesh was a volunteer for Inter – Generational Learning Programme at Dublin City University. He hand-held senior citizens to the world of technology by teaching them how to operate their smartphones, surf Internet and communicate through emails. .

Deloitte Consulting Advisory Council

Binesh is among the chosen few Consultants in Deloitte Consulting, Ireland; to be part of the Consulting Advisory Council. The role of the Council is to give the Head of Consulting a firm-wide perspective on various subjects like, work-life balance, inclusion, encouraging diversity etc.