Thought Leader

Binesh has been a researcher from 2010. He has worked with researchers around the globe and has published 20+ papers in various journals, conferences and national research magazines. He has also delivered lectures in various globally recognized Universities namely, Trinity College Dublin and Dublin City University.


Binesh delivered a lecture on Tableau to M.Sc. Digital Marketing Students in prestigious Trinity College Dublin (TCD). The lecture was highly interactive; with second half of the session devoted to developing a dashboard. TCD is not only oldest University in Ireland but also the Number 1 University in Ireland.


Binesh was a Data Scientist at Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4) – a National Research Centre based out of Dublin City University Business School (DCUBS). As part of his role, Binesh collaborated with researchers across the globe to answer research questions using data. Most of his work was based on Big Data Analytics on real Twitter data. He had the opportunity to work in diverse domains including, Social Sciences, Public policy, Education, Finance, Human Resource and Health. As a Subject Matter Expert, Binesh effectively translated the research questions into analytics questions and could hide the technical complexities from domain experts. In this span of 2 years, Binesh published around 15+ papers in applied Data Analytics.

During this time period, Binesh also delivered lectures on Analytics and Big Data to Masters’ students in Management at Dublin City University. He also presented at various International conferences.


Binesh published his first research paper on Data Mining in an International Journal in 2011. He specialized in the topic of Frequent Pattern Mining. Binesh along with his Professor, Dr. Amiya Tripathy, proposed a new algorithm as part of their work; which identified relevant frequent patterns with minimum computational complexity. He also presented his work on both National and International Conferences in this time period.

Binesh was a frequent guest lecturer at Don Bosco Institute of Technology (DBIT), Mumbai for 5 years; delivering lectures on topics – Frequent Pattern Mining and Association Rule Mining.

As an opportunity to give it back to the alma mater, Binesh delivered a lecture to Final Year B.Sc. Information Technology students at Smt. CHM College on the topic of Business Intelligence.

Additionally, Binesh also conducted a workshop on SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and Excel Miner to M.Sc. Information Technology students at SIES, Nerul.