Data Consultant

Binesh has helped organizations in gaining data-driven insights for more than 6 years. He has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes; from start-ups to large corporations. Binesh’s USP is his unique blend of analytics knowledge and business sense; which makes him an effective translator between business and technical analytical resources.


Binesh is currently employed as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte, Ireland. His primary responsibility is to work closely with key business stakeholders and solve their data problems. He act as a key data facilitator for various business functions. Binesh extensively collaborates with both internal and external stakeholders as part of his role. He works alongside senior management in scoping projects, developing POCs and preparing training plans for analysts.


Binesh was working as an Associate Business Consultant in ABC Paradigms Consultants Pvt. Ltd – a strategic consulting house based out of Mumbai. He assisted senior strategic consultants by doing market research and competitive analysis. Binesh used Google Analytics to study patterns in web traffic for various clients. These patterns were then used to improve the website design, identity target markets, deploying target marketing campaigns etc.